Gabrielė Adomaitytė Lithuanian, b. 1994


Gabrielė Adomaitytė (b. 1994, Lithuania) currently lives and works in Amsterdam, where, until the spring of 2019, she was an artist in residence at De Ateliers. Her work is based on researching painterly representation and its intersection with digitization. Through investigating mnemonic devices, Adomaitytė’s paintings draw on alternative systems for archiving information. By transposing this information into the slower, analogue realm of painting, these collections of imagery function as mental aids or enhancers of cultural memory. Lifting from an encyclopedia of natural history, the data manifests as multi-dimensional figures of painterly actions, colours and shapes that create a rhizome like system of meaning. By constantly questioning the possibilities of painting and the problems of visual representation, the artist investigates information systems and the collision points of the digital and actual matter in various archives. Adomaitytė’s work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad: Tilde (Amsterdam, 2021), Encounter Contemporary, (London, 2021), Arti et Amicitiae (Amsterdam, 2020), Swallow (Vilnius, 2020), Annet Gelink Gallery (Amsterdam, 2020), De Ateliers (Amsterdam, 2019), VARTAI Gallery (Vilnius, 2019), and Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius, 2018), etc., and has been awarded numerous grants and prizes (Mondriaan Funds, Buning Brongers Prize, etc.)


Born 1994 in Lithuania

Lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands



2019 - Rupert residency, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2017-2019 - De Ateliers, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2016 - Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2013-2017 - Painting/Sculpture (BA) at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius (Lithuania)


2020 - Traversing Discrete LociAnnet Gellink Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2019 - Documentary Exactness​, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)


2021 - What Remains, Encounter Contemporary, London (United Kingdom)

2021 - Titele, Tilde, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2021 - Question Mark, Park, Tilburg (The Netherlands)

2020 - Palydos, Swallow, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2020 - Faint Light Feeds the Mainspring, Kunstkapel, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2020 - Spectrum, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2020 - What's Up / Twenty Twenty, curated by Lawrence Van Hagen (online)

2020 - Earthflax. Ride or Die 2.0, curated by Oda Haugerud, Gothenburg (Sweden)

2019 - What's Up/London Minimal | Maximal​ by Lawrence van Hagen, 22 Davies street, London (United Kingdom)

2019 - Pride & Innocence​, Oosterkerk, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2019 - XVII a.,​  Autarkija, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2019 - Offspring 2019: Once a Closely Guarded Secret​, curated by Martin Herbert, De Ateliers, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2019 - DJ Bipolar Magician, Amsterdamse Bos, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2018 - JCDecaux Prize: Dignity,​ Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2018 - Tantalus Bluff,​ Gallerismus, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2016 - Bots, Bodies & Beasts​, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2016 - By a Whisker,​ VAA exhibition space 'Titanikas', Vilnius (Lithuania)

2015 - Poetics of Space,​ Studium P, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2015 - Contact 88​, Akademija Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)


2020 - Winner of Buning Brongers Prize

2018 - Nominated for JCDecaux Prize

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