Goda Palekaitė Lithuanian, b. 1987

Goda Palekaitė (1987, Vilnius) is a Brussels-based artist and researcher working in the intersection of contemporary art, performance, artistic research, literature, and anthropology. Her practice evolves around projects exploring the politics of historical narratives, the agency of dreams and imagination, and social conditions of creativity.
Goda’s recent solo shows were opened at Kunsthal Gent in Ghent / Editorial in Vilnius (The Strongest Muscle in the Human Body is the Tongue 2021), Centre Tour à Plomb in Brussels (Architecture of Heaven 2020), Konstepidemin in Gothenburg (Liminal Minds 2019), and RawArt Gallery in Tel Aviv (Legal Implications of a Dream 2018). In the last years, her performances and installations have been presented at Whitechapel Gallery in London, BOZAR Brussels, Swamp pavilion in The Biennale Architettura 2018 in Venice, Georg Kargl gallery in Vienna, Tranzit Bratislava, Vilnius Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius international theatre festival Sirenos, Kanal – Centre Pompidou in Brussels, The Institute of Things to Come in Turin, among others. In 2020 she published her first book of fiction Schismatics (Lapas books). In 2019 Palekaitė received The Golden Stage Cross and the Young Artist’s Prize from the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. Palekaitė holds a BFA in fine arts (Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts), MA in social and cultural anthropology (University of Vienna), Post-Master in artistic research (A.pass, Brussels) and currently is a Ph.D. candidate at Hasselt University and PXL-MAD School of Arts.

Born 1987 in Lithuania

Lives and works in Brussels

2020 – 2024 – PhD candidate at Hasselt University and PXL-MAD School of Arts, Hasselt
2019  – A.pass Brussels, Post-Master Degree in Artistic Research 

2015 – University of Vienna, Cultural and Social Anthropology, international CREOLE program, MA degree 

2011 – Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, BFA in Scenography 


2023 - Solo exhibition Serpentine Spine at Västerås Art Museum: presenting new sculptures, texts and the film Swallower of Shades (in collaboration with Graham Kelly),  Västerås (SWE)

2023 - Co-curating Conditions of Spectatorship, an interdisciplinary symposium on artistic research at RITCS School of Arts, Brussels (BE)

2023 - Performative readings in the Jonas Mekas: 100 Years of Cinema, Arts, and Politics program at Arsenal Kino, curated by Christoph Gnädig, Christian Hiller and Anne König, Berlin (DE)

2023 - Curating the AUTOPROBLEMA issue of Artnews.lt, Lithuanian contemporary art magazine (LT)

2022 - Publication If I Stay with You, I Am Rooted, but I Flow: On Discursive Love Between a Vampire and a Saint in the peer-reviewed online scholarly journal Passage #2 Mystical Exercises

2022 - Anthropomorphic Trouble in a group exhibition I as it, or stones that vibrate at Tranzit, curated by Anna Santomauro & Laura Clarke, Bratislava (SK)

2022 – Performance Vampire Bedroom Stories at Lectures on the Weather performance program, Tranzit Bucharest (Romania), curated by Anna Smolak
2022 – Co-curating research and educational summer program Scoring Intimacy with Discursive Others at A.pass, Brussels (Belgium), in collaboration with Lilia Mestre
2022 – Installation and lecture performance Anthropomorphic Trouble in the group
exhibition I as It, or Stones the Vibrate at Tranzit Bratislava (Slovakia), in
collaboration with Adrijana Gvozdenovic, curated by Anna Santomauro and Laura
2021 – Performance, publication, and video installation Anthropomorphic Trouble at
Whitechapel Gallery, London (United Kingdom), in collaboration with Adrijana Gvozdenovic, produced in collaboration with Arts Catalyst and Delfina Foundation, London
2021 – Solo exhibition The Strongest Muscle in the Human Body is the Tongue at
Kunsthal Gent, Ghent (Belgium) and Editorial Project Space, Vilnius (Lithuania), in
collaboration with The Institute of Things to Come (Italy)
2020 – Solo exhibition Architecture of Heaven at Centre Tour à Plomb, Brussels (Belgium), in collaboration with SB34-The Pool, curated by Pauline Hatzigeorigiou
2020 – Exhibition of performances Somnambulism at the Vilnius International Theatre Festival Sirenos, Vilnius (Lithuania)
2019 – Performance Incantations for a Collective Reading, Corridor Project Space,
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2019 – Solo exhibition Liminal Minds, as part of the GIBCA Extended (Göteborg
International Biennial for Contemporary Art) at Konstepidemin Gallery,
Gothenburg (Sweden)
2019 – Performance 5 Course Meal for a Collective Reading, in collaboration with Jonas Palekas, Editorial Project Space, Vilnius (Lithuania)
2019 – Performance How to Infuriate a Historian as part of A.pass End-Communications event Virtual Body Institution, Hacktiris, Brussels (Belgium)
2019 – Installation and performance Vodka Salt in Performatik (The Brussels biennale of performance art), in the context of a.pass Unsettled study, curated by Vladimir Miller, at Kanal Centre Pompidou, Brussels (Belgium)
2018 – Solo exhibition Legal Implications of a Dream at RawArt gallery, Tel Aviv (Israel), curated by Leah Abir
2018 – Installation and performance Advertising Anarchism in a group exhibition
JCDecaux Prize: Dignity, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)
2018 – Installation and performance Bakunin in the Venice Biennale Architettura 2018, Venice (Italy), later presented at Laboratorio Artistico Pietra, Turin (Italy) and Sirenos International Theatre Festival, Vilnius (Lithuania)
2018 Scenography and costumes for The Perfect Match by E. Ionesco, director Paulius Ignatavičius, Šiauliai Drama Theatre, (Lithuania)
2018 – Scenography and costumes for The Door, written and directed by Jo Stromgren, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Vilnius (Lithuania) and Oslo National Theatre (Norway)
2018 – Scenography for M. Crimp's In the Republic of Happiness, director Mantas
Jančiauskas, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Vilnius (Lithuania)
2017 – Directing (in collaboration with Aaron Kahn), scenography and costumes for M. I. Fornes’ Mud, a site- specific theatre performance in an abandoned school, Šiauliai Drama Theatre (Lithuania)
2017 – Installation Khazar Mythology in a group exhibition The Future is Certain, It’s
the Past which is Unpredictable, curated by Monika Lipšic, Calvert 22 Foundation, London (United Kingdom)
2017 – Installation and performance Conversation on the Roof of Chungking Mansions at Autarkia, Vilnius (Lithuania)
2017 – Scenography for P. Highsmith‘s The Talented Mr.Ripley, director Thomas
Birkmeir, Theater der Jugend, Vienna (Austria)
2016 – Scenography and costumes for Europeans based on Aeschylus' The Suppliants and other texts, director Paulius Ignatavičius, Vilniaus Mažasis Teatras (Lithuania)
2016 Scenography for W. Herrndorf‘s Tschick, director Thomas Birkmeir, Theater der Jugend, Vienna (Austria)


2019 – Young Artist Prize from the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture, for the
significant contribution to the Lithuanian and international cultural scene
during the last three years
2019 – The Golden Stage Cross (Lithuanian National Theatre Award) for Best
Scenography for The Door and The Perfect Match
2017 – Nomination for Best Scenography for The Golden Stage Cross for
2010 – Nomination Best Scenography and Costumes for The Golden Stage Cross
for The Figh






2020 - Book Schismatics - artist’s book and fictional biographies of 11 historical characters, published by LAPAS books (LT/ENG)



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