Neringa Vasiliauskaitė b. 1984


Neringa Vasiliauskaitė is a visual artist, currently living and working in Germany. After completing her studies in Vilnius Fine Arts academy in Vilnius (Lithuania) she continued to develop her interest in space and its relation to objects as an artistic practice at the Munich Academy of Arts in Munich, Germany. At the Academy she completed a Glass and Ceramic class which has influenced her practice to date. Combining various shapes and materials such as coated glass, steel and printing on different surfaces, her work often moves between interior and inner worlds, using everyday motifs to explore connections to memories, nostalgia and illusions of other times and spaces.



born in Lithuania
lives and works in Munich, Germany




2018 - Diploma for sculpture, glass and ceramic class by prof. Norbert Prangenberg

and prof. Nicole Wermers, Munich Fine Arts academy, Germany

2008 - Vilnius Art academy, (Master), Lithuania
2006 - Vilnius Art academy, (Bachelor), Lithuania

2004-2005 - Erasmus programm, sholarship for glass and ceramic Class, Munich Fine Arts academy, Germany




2021 - Domagkateliertagen 2021, Domagkateliers München, Germany

2021 - L’étrieinte - Embracement – Glamonė, Vartai gallery, Vilnius, LT    (curated by Linas Bliskevicius, Yates Norton)

2020 - 'Under One's Breath', Editorial projects, Vilnius, Lithuania

2020 - Domagkateliertagen 2020, Domagkateliers München, Germany

2020 - 'Haut Muster', Editorial projects Vilnius, Lithuania (solo)
2020 - 'jewellery, not jewellery', Galerie von Empfanhalle + t156, Munich, Germany  (curated by Katie Jayne Britchford)

2019 - 'synthetic pleasure', Vienna Art week 2019, Vent gallery, Vienna, Austria  (solo)

2019 - 'DebutantInnen 2019', Galerie der Künstler, Munich, Germany   (solo)
2019 - 'New kids on the block', Halle50, Domagkateliertage 2019, Germany    (curated by Katie Jayne Britchford)

2019 - 'XVII amžius', Autarkia, Vilnius, Lithuania  (curated by Robertas Narkus, Laura Kaminskaitė)

2019 - 'those, who are transformed', Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia, Bamberg, Germany   (solo)

2018 - 'Jahresgaben', Kunstverein Munich, Germany

2018 - 'Four rooms with a view', Vartai gallery, Vilnius Lithuania (curated by Daniel Marzona)

2018 - 'perfect simulation', Sotheby's Munich, Germany

2018 - 'Tacker' Galerie der Künstler, Munich, Germany

2018 - 'Me Myself And The Possibility Of You', Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany

2018 - 'hold the line', together with Garance Arcadias, Neue Galerie Landshut, Germany

2018 - 'repeat and remain again and again', Städtische Galerie Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany (solo)

2018 - 'waving and swaying', Miranda Kuo gallery, New York, JAV    (solo)

2018 - 'to be the product', Diploma exhibition, Adbk, Munich, Germany 
2017  - 'Licht wird Farbe', Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur, Mainz, Germany

2017 - 'Imaginarium', Pamenkalnio gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania
2017 - Jahresausstellung/2017, Adbk, Munich, Germany

2017 - 'Erwarten Sie Wunder', Ulm Museum, Germany
2017 - Art Karlsruhe/2017, Smudajescheck gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany  (one artist show)
2016 - 
Danner class competition exhibition, Adbk, Munich, Germany

2016 - 'Parallelräume', Smudajescheck gallery, Ulm, Germany   (solo)
2016 - 'Image is a space. Space is an image.' Kunst Raum Van Treeck/Smudajescheck gallery, Munich, Germany    (solo)
2016 - Kunstkreis Gräfelfing, Alte Rathaus Gräfelfing, Germany

2016 - Roter Kunstsalon, Smudajescheck gallery, Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden, Germany
2016 - 'International Glass Biennale 2D→' group exhibition, Vilnius/Tallinn, Lithuania, Estonia
2016 - Karl&Faber Preis der Stiftung Kunstakademie München, Karl&Faber art auctions, Munich, Germany
2016 - 'Jahresausstellung/2016', ADBK, München, Germany

2016 - 'Die Dunkle Seite/Spekulatives Terrain', Danner class competition exhibition, ADBK, Munich, Germany
2016 - Bender/Schwinn Project, Renate Bender gallery, München, Germany
2016 - Art Karlsruhe/2016, Smudajescheck gallery, Karlsruhe, Germany

2015  - 'Nichts, Hephaistos', Gallery PunktPunktKommaKunst, Munich, Germany
2015 - 'Nightmare | Daydream', Kunstraum Artsquare, Munich, Germany
2015 - 'DE#LIGHT', personal exhibition, Kunst Raum Van Treeck/Smudajescheck gallery, Munich, Germany    (solo)
2015 - 'Visible light', personal exhibition, Smudajescheck gallery, Ulm, Germany    (solo)
2015 - 'Jahresausstellung/2015', Munich Fine Arts academy, Germany

2015 - 'Muenchner Freiheit', group exhibition, Glass museum Ernsting Stiftung, Lette, Germany
2014   - 'Schein', Hans-Rudolf Hause, Pfarrkirchen, Germany
2014 - 'Jahresausstellung/2014', Munich Fine Arts academy, Germany

2014 - Exhibition/project '2D-->', Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
2014 - 'Unsichtbar', Wasserturm der Beamtenfachhochschule, Herrsching, Germany

2014 - 'Manifestus Lucis', Kunstarkaden gallery, Munich, Germany
2014 - Danner class competition, Munich Fine Arts academy, Germany

2013 - 'Biennale du Verre', Strasbourg, France
2013 - 'Halo!' Thierry Boissel and stained glass, light and mosaic studio, Applyed Arts gallery, Munich, Germany

2013 - 'Jahresausstellung/2013', ADBK, Munich, Germany



2021 - Project Grant from the Free State of Bavaria 'Junge Kunst und neue Wege'

2021 - Project Grant, Erwin and Gisela von Steiner Stiftung


2019 - 'Debutanten' Award, Catalogue/Exhibition In The 'Galerie Der Künstler', Bbk Munich, Germany

2019 - Bayerisches Staatsministerium Für Bildung Und Kultus, Wissenschaft Und Kunst Scholarship ForThe Artist In Residence At The International House Of Artists Villa Concordia, Bamberg, Germany

2019 - ​Catalogue Grant, Lfa Förderbank Bayern

​2017 - Project funding Alexander Tutsek Stiftung

2017 - Art.Karlsruhe Preis/2017 

2017 - Hans-Rudolf Stiftung Sholarship


2016  - 2 Prize, Danner class competition, Munich Fine Arts academy, DE

(nominated) Karl&Faber Preis der Stiftung Kunstakademie München, Karl&Faber art auctions
2016 - Hans-Rudolf Stiftung Sholarship
2016 - Project funding Alexander Tutsek Stiftung

2015 - Prize, Danner class competition, Munich Fine Arts academy, Germany
2015 - Project funding Alexander Tutsek Stiftung
2015 - Hans-Rudolf Stiftung Scholarship
2014 - 1 Prize, Bavaria award for applyed arts, Munich, DE

2014 - 2 Prize, International Tgk competition '100% Glass'
2014 - Hans-Rudolf Stiftung Sholarship
2012 - 1 Prize, Danner class competition, Munich Fine Arts academy, Germany




Städtische Galerie Villingen Schwenningen

Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe 
Sammlung FER Collection
Alexander Tutsek Stiftung

Glass Museum Ernsting Stiftung





Neringa Vasiliauskaite 'Seductive skins', 2019 (Text Daniel Milnes, Nora Eugenie Gomringer)

Neringa Vasiliauskaite 'Repeat and remain again and again'  (Städtische Galerie Villingen Schwenningen, Text Katarina Christ)