MINDWALK: Group exhibition

29 November 2013 - 18 January 2014


Ştefan Constantinescu

Gintaras Didžiapetris

Žilvinas Kempinas

Jonathan Monk

S&P Stanikas

Erwin Wurm 

Lewben Art Foundation
Vilma Dagilienė
Boris Symulevič
Rolandas Valiūnas
Audronė and Marius Vaupšas
Irina and Maris Vitols
Visitors to Galerija Vartai will have the opportunity to see contemporary works of art from various private collections at an exhibition opening in the last week of November. The idea for the exhibition arose from discussions about the relatively new phenomenon of art collecting in Lithuania and the other Baltic countries. Mindwalk, the title of the exhibition, refers to the journey of thought, the turns taken, discussions, critical points, compromises, questions and answers, coincidences, patterns, action and reaction. 
The form of the exhibition was determined not by a particular set of ideas, themes or media but by the views of the art collectors on contemporary art and the impact that had on their collecting. In this exhibition all of the collectors were given the role of curator and they themselves chose the works which helped them to develop their collections, to determine the direction taken, the works that were first collected and that revealed new meanings and ways of collecting art. 
Installation Views
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