Mindaugas Lukošaitis Lithuanian, b. 1980


Mindaugas Lukošaitis (b. 1980, Lithuania) is an artist mostly known for his drawings, but his works also include sculptures and objects. He graduated from the Sculpture Department at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2003. Despite a sketch-like manner, free and swift strokes, Lukošaitis’s drawings are acutely precise, vibrant and energetic. His work can be distinguished for a notable craftsmanship and a deep conversance of anatomy.

Without employing archival material or photographs that would illustrate the topic of his work, Lukošaitis substitutes documentary history with products of his own imagination. His artworks demonstrate the power of vision and imagination that allows having a sharper look at topics such as history, the relevance of post-war resistance, the search for identity, and the spirit of patriotism - both in history as well as in everyday life. The artist tends to rely on the classical, academic drawing technique, where a pencil is used for shading and outlining. However, his approach to academic drawing is unique: Lukošaitis draws “his own realism”, without using models or pictures.

Another important aspect of Lukošaitis’s work is its non-historicalness. The artist draws strange uncanny pictures of isolated objects and nature-like forms, or depicts imagery of unrealised ideas. These drawings are created not to be contextualised outside themselves but to be understood as free products of creative inspiration or realisations of the sketching practice in drawing.

Mindaugas Lukošaitis regularly takes part in international group shows and holds solo exhibitions in Lithuania as well as abroad. He represented Lithuania at the 26th São Paulo Biennial and participated in the Populism exhibition curated by Nicolaus Schafhausen at the Frankfurter Kunstverein in 2004. Lukošaitis’s works have been exhibited at institutions such as VOLTA NY, Vilnius Contemporary Art Centre, and Galerie Fons Walters in Amsterdam. His drawings have also been included in Phaidon’s encyclopaedia Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing and featured in collections of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark), Lewben Art Foundation (Lithuania), MO Museum (Lithuania), as well as ones of private collectors in Lithuania and abroad.


Born 1980 in Šiauliai, Lithuania

Lives and works in Šiauliai, Lithuania


1999-2003 – Sculpture (BA) at Vilnius Academy of Arts, Vilnius (Lithuania)


2020 – Mindaugas Lukošaitis, One Artwork Gallery ‘1KG’, Plungė (Lithuania)

2017 – Imagination. Composition. Dream., VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2015 – Jews. My History 2“ / „Jesus Christ“, Šiaulių Dailės Galerija, Šiauliai (Lithuania)

2013 – Talvisota / Winter war. ARTscape: Slovakia, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2012 – Mindaugas Lukošaitis, VOLTA NY, New York (USA)

2012 – Jews. My History, Modern Art center, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2005 – IBID Projects, Vilnius (Lithuania)


2020 – GOViT-20, Narvaišiai (Lithuania)

2020 – Spectrum, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2018 – All Art Is About Us. MO Museum’s inaugural exhibition, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2017 – Body and Darkness, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2016 – Parallel, Alte Post, Vienna (Austria)

2013 – ViennaFair, VARTAI Gallery, Vienna (Austria)

2013 – Summertime Readings. Selected works from Cēsis Art Festival exhibition, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2013 – Summertime Readings. Cēsis Art Festival exhibition, Cēsis Brewery (Latvia)

2013 – Part of a Larger Whole, Lithuanian Contemporary Art, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2013 – Art13 London, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius (London)

2013 – Interaction, AQB, Budapest (Hungary)

2012 – Slick Brussels, VARTAI Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)

2012 – Viennafair, VARTAI Gallery, Vienna (Austria)

2012 – Contemporary Istanbul, VARTAI Gallery, Istanbul (Turkey)

2011 – ViennaFair, with VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2011 – Resistance, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk (Denmark)

2010 – Lithuanian Art 2000-2010: Ten Years, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius                  (Lithuania)

2010 – Baltic Art Factor‘10, Šiaulai Art Gallery, Šiauliai (Lithuania)

2009 – Urban Stories, The X Baltic Triennial of International Art, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2008 – Eurasia: Geographic Crossovers in Art, Museo d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, Rovereto (Italy)

2007 – Black & White - IBID Projects, London (United Kingdom)

2007 – Baltikum part II, Kalmar konstmuseum, Kalmar (Sweden)

2006 – Robert Barta, Ross Chisholm, Mindaugas Lukošaitis, Djordje Ozbolt, Jakub Julian, Rüdiger Schöttle Gallery, Munich (Germany)

2005 – Populism - Frankfurter Kunstverein, Stedelijk Museum, Frankfurt/Main (Germany)

2005 – BMW - The Baltic Triennial of International Art, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2005 – Playstation - IBID Projects presents: Milena Dragicevic and Mindaugas Lukosaitis, Fons Welters Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2005 – On Line, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk (Denmark)

2005 – Enthusiasts - Young Lithuanian Artists Show, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2004 – Virus, Šiauliai Art Gallery, Šiauliai (Lithuania)

2004 – Somewhere Near Europe, Cultuurcentrum Strombeek, Brussels (Belgium)

2004 – Who if not we…?, BAK, Utracht and Centraal Museum, Utracht (The Netherlands)

2004 – In My Own Juice, Rotermanni Soolaladu, Talin (Estonia)

2004 – Sao Paulo 26th Biennial, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

2003 – Qui vive?, Biennial for Young Art, Moscow (Russia)

2003 – 2 show, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2000 – Exit Festival, Helsinki (Finland)

2000 – Projects in private spaces, Goldap (Poland)


Lithuanian Art Museum (Lithuania)

MO museum collection (Lithuania)

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art collection (Denmark)


Art Fairs


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