Mantas Lesauskas


Designer Mantas Lesauskas investigates the longevity of natural raw and precious materials in his pieces. The desire to create long-lasting furniture for multiple generations requires responsible insight into their archetypes and rituals. By creating limited edition furniture and using materials and methods typical of sculpture, the designer aims to give these objects the opportunity to challenge us like sculpture. The designer is constantly inspired by artisan skills to responsibly combine these traditions with smart industrial manufacturing processes.

Mantas is a graduate of the Department of Design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. In his earlier projects he pursued conceptual and social design theories. His Bin Toy, Millegome, Eurofurniture (2008), and It’s Also a Table (2009) expressed the importance of ecological issues and questioned the value of newly created objects. In 2011, he was awarded a Licentiate of Arts after defending an art project and thesis entitled ‘Narratives of Nostalgia in Design Objects’.  He is also an associate professor at the Design Department at Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Mantas Lesauskas believes in showing contradictions and taboos, but avoids judging them
  • Mantas Lesauskas, Side Book Table, 2023
    Mantas Lesauskas
    Side Book Table, 2023
    W 42 x D 29 x H 64 cm
    Weight 6 kg
  • Mantas Lesauskas, Coffee table “Drills” , 2023
    Mantas Lesauskas
    Coffee table “Drills” , 2023
    149 x 149 x 45 cm
  • Mantas Lesauskas, Arapaima Console, 2021
    Mantas Lesauskas
    Arapaima Console, 2021
    90 x 46 x 130 cm
  • Mantas Lesauskas, Récamier Daybed, 2020
    Mantas Lesauskas
    Récamier Daybed, 2020
    75 x 75 x 220 cm
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