Linas Jusionis (b. 1986, Lithuania) is an abstract painter whose works usually combine elements of urban spaces and architecture as a projection of the artist’s personal experience. Jusionis studied Philosophy at Vilnius University from 2005 to 2007, later obtained his BA at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, followed by an MA in Fresco-Mosaic Studies completed in 2011. He also did an internship at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart.

Jusionis’s works balance between a specific treatment of landscape or space in general, and a growing inclination to abstraction. In his creative practice, the artist strives to understand objects and projections of ideas onto images not only in a painterly but also in a philosophical way. The concept of ‘creating an image as an issue’ dominates his artistic practice, while the main question tackled is whether an image can function as a reference to something authentic or is in principal autoreferential. Jusionis’s paintings can be described as systems driven by the desire to construct meaning out of various mundane perceptions and haunting images that may be very contrasting, insignificant, or fragmented. His artwork functions as an autonomous structure of elements open to free interpretation and with no prearranged meaning beyond. However, the resulting creative concepts begin to function narratively, highlighting the documentation of the author’s mindset.

Linas Jusionis is a finalist (2009, 2010) and runner-up (2011) of the international competition Young Painter Prize. He has been participating in group and solo exhibitions since 2009.