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Arterritory.com: What is your recipe for survival in the time of almost only bad news?

"I wouldn’t say that we are experiencing an increased amount of bad news. There was an overwhelming amount of disasters and human suffering in the world before, and there still is. The coronavirus pandemic just brought it seemingly closer to us Europeans. Wars in Syria, Ukraine and Yemen, famines, drug cartels, violence, etc. are no less a human tragedy. So it is a philosophical question about ‘the other’. It is also a fundamental question about the fear of death and a trivial question about the way we perceive the world through the media.

So I would say that if you look at it from a wider perspective, you can see that nothing has changed significantly. The change is in our everyday life. The thing that I like about it is that it became less transparent. We have a chance to think about are daily life, our habits. The important things that we don’t notice normally. So it’s a chance to see ourselves with perspective.

Personally, I am enjoying time in my studio and a chance to be with my son. It’s nice to learn with him. We read a lot of books. I am reading him Greek myths at the moment, and he really likes it. I also cycle a lot. It’s nice that you are still allowed to do that in Lithuania..."

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April 28, 2020