Kodai Iwamoto Japan, b. 1991


Kodai Iwamoto (b. 1991, Japan) studied product design at Kobe Design University in Japan. While studying for a bachelor's degree there, he joined a DESIGN SOIL, and when his studies at Kobe were completed, he moved to Lausanne in Switzerland, where he lived for 2 years, gaining practical skills at a master course in École cantonale d'art de Lausanne.

In “PVC Handblowing Project”, Japanese designer Kodai Iwamoto uses glass-blowing techniques to remodel plastic pipes into vases. Tokyo-based Iwamoto began his Plastic

Blowing project with the desire to transform a mass-produced material into a piece of art. He combines the "old-fashioned" manufacturing process of glass-blowing with cheap, readily available PVC pipes that are typically used in plumbing.