Žilvinas Kempinas at Port25 - Space for Contemporary Art (Mannheim, Germany)

Group exhibition

Raum der Zeichnung


A group exhibition with

Matthis Bacht, Werner Degreif, Jane Grier ("Miss G."), Fritzi Haussmann, Žilvinas Kempinas, Takehito Koganezawa, Anna Marie Lieb, Pia Linz, Peter Riek, Gabriele Urbach

September 03 - November 06, 2022

Opening on Friday, September 2, 2022, 7 p.m


A line on a sheet is a composition, a line in space creates space. Whether on a surface or in three-dimensional space, a line always defines space and changes the viewer's perception. Drawing can become an installation, a video work, a sculpture – the boundaries between the media become blurred. Regardless of the form in which it appears, drawing in the artistic positions in this exhibition transforms space and alters the physical experience of space as well as visual perception. When the drawing wanders into space, the viewer becomes part of the drawing process. In Takehito Koganezawa's video projection, too, they become, so to speak, witnesses in the drawing process. The line is used in Fritzi Haußmann's site-specific, lyrically spun installations in a physically expansive manner.

Matthis Bacht, on the other hand, sticks to the square of the picture; the line here is an outline without filling, a sculptural three-dimensional form that sometimes folds into the space like origami. Both Jane Grier («Miss G.») and Gabriele Urbach, who lived in psychiatric institutions at the end of the 19th century and around 1920 respectively, created spaces in their partly large-format embroideries by translating the lines of the embroidery thread into three dimensions have led. Peter Riek prepares a stage for the drawing by giving it space and arranging it into rooms. Werner Degreif draws everyday moments and things on wall-sized strips of paper. Through perspective breaks and distortions, he irritates the perception of the pictorial space as well as that of the real space. Žilvinas Kempinas lets the line dance as a videotape in the draft of fans. Pia Linz' detailed engravings on the glass walls of her free-standing "housing" give an image of the world to which access is denied, one can only marvel at this world from the outside. In 1894, Anna Marie Lieb designed the floor of her cell in the Heidelberg Psychiatric Clinic in a graphic and ornamental way with torn strips of fabric. The documentary photographs prove that the idea of the free line, of drawing in space, is by no means a contemporary phenomenon.

September 3, 2022