What artists are doing now. Aidas Bareikis in New York

From his studio in New York, Lithuanian artist Aidas Bareikis writes to Arterritory.com the following:

"Every morning I throw a few cards up into the air and slowly watch them fall. Scattering is an essential part of any art making with different degrees of tolerance. Installation art has a high degree of tolerance for scattering. This city (NY) has been propelled upwards by an enormous energy for so long, now it’s in a free-fall… It so happens that last month, I had been working on these small installations with the birds. They stand in my studio unfinished - yet another essential part of an installation - abandoned, still... The whole city is still, abandoned, unfinished. I am also thinking about M. Heidegger’s notion of the truth, that artists are exposed to the truth, and it’s not the audience or critic or anybody else who sets that exposure. He talks about the constant spotlight that artists are in and the moment of lightning. Artists are familiar with this exposure by the nature of their commitment, but the spotlight is on everyone these days, and the moment of lightning, too. I feel like, there is still a long way to live up to the future, which is already dead. Even though this dead end has been postponed over and over again, nevertheless I feel like the future is already happening right now, with the Nature at the negotiating table together with all of us..." 

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April 24, 2020