Julijonas Urbonas "Planet of People" was gifted to the Lithuanian National Museum of Art

After 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale Planet of People stays in Vilnius

Last year, Julijonas Urbonas was representing Lithuania at the prestigious 17th Venice Biennale of Architecture with the futuristic thought experiment "Planet of People". From May to the end of November, the interactive architectural installation was visited by 67 thousand people. 


In 2018 Gallery Vartai has become a platform for the conceptual implementation of this project. The artist presented his personal exhibition at the gallery - "Planet from People" - an artistic and scientific feasibility study of an artificial planet formed from people. In this exhibition, J. Urbonas discussed the possibilities of accommodation and creation of outer space. Visitors to the exhibition were able to participate and observe how their bodies scanned with a 3D scanner participate in the astrophysics simulation of the planet from humans. A futuristic thought experiment was also introduced in 2020. 


After  17th Venice Biennale of Architecture "Planet of People" was gifted to the Lithuanian National Museum of Art.


More info about the "Planet of People" can be found HERE.

January 7, 2022