Interview with Robertas Narkus

on abstract stylist

Artist Robertas Narkus: I Love Creating Conflicts

"It's not like you could put Robertas Narkus creative work into one discipline or strategy – yes, there is photography, but there is also science, entrepreneurship, irony, technologies, possibilities that come after a failure or two, and also the importance of meeting new people. Nor could you easily describe Gut Feeling – his multi-layered project, which was chosen to represent Lithuania in the 59th Venice Biennale in 2022. But let the artist speak himself. About coincidences, revealing what was hidden under the carpet and the art world today."
PHOTOS by Robertas Narkus, Audrius Solominas, Milda Zabarauskaite.
COVER PHOTO by Audrius Solominas
February 17, 2021