Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas on dezeen

Dezeen: Envisioned Comfort furniture collection pairs velvet seats with wooden frameworks

 Article by Natashah Hitti

"Plush, tufted velvet seats are drooped over complex frameworks of interlocking wooden poles in this furniture collection by Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas, which takes design cues from horse saddles.

The furniture series, titled Envisioned Comfort, features a saddle chair, an armchair, a stool and a console table. 

The base of each design comprises a structure of numerous beech dowels held together with wood-and-brass clasps. The poles are cut at different lengths to form undulating, ergonomic surfaces that fit the shape of the user's body.

The more poles that are incorporated into the structure, the more detailed the curves will be..."

July 5, 2020