WAITING WAITING WAITING: A design group show at the SHOWROOM

7 - 21 September 2023

Opening on 7 September, 2023 at 6 PM


A part of Vilnius Gallery Weekend programme


Designers: Linas Čeponas, Emilija Daraškevičiūtė, Ani Gandžumian, Liepa Gradauskaitė, Ieva Gudelaitytė, Mykolas Kavaliauskas, Beatriz Pardo, Justina Stipinaitė, Paulina Vasiliauskaitė, Kvintas Zepp


VARTAI Gallery kicks off the new autumn season with the opening of the exhibition 'Waiting Waiting Waiting‘. On the Showroome platform, a collective of young designers presents an exhibition featuring design objects created over the past few years. Through their works, the artists offer a unique synthesis of traditional craftsmanship, advanced technologies, and organic forms, infused with personal narratives and contemporary design approaches.


Within the exhibition, the young creatives aim to transcend the interplay between creative impulses and the sense of anticipation that resonates with an uncertain future. This state of mind becomes the central theme of the exhibition. Rather than simply attempting to fill the void of waiting, they invite us to embrace a purposeful form of contemplation. In today's world, waiting is almost invariably equated with wasting time, where time itself is seen as an objective and precisely measurable resource (clock time) that can be acquired, traded, squandered, possessed, or lost. By consciously recognizing that time is not inherently futile and is not wasted, one can demystify waiting. Simultaneously, this perspective allows for a critical examination of the phenomenon of momentary culture—the ever-accelerating pace of life that undermines the significance of waiting, a path toward deeper self-knowledge and subtlety.


The rapid pace of life results in the neglect of a more profound and meaningful aspect of life—experiencing lived time. Within the exhibition, the artists endeavor to materialize this processual phenomenon by juxtaposing the exhibition's architecture with the typology of a waiting room and the timeless creative process. The objects become temporary tools for self-reflection, whether it's waiting for success or simply a new idea.