Lucas Muñoz Muñoz Spanish, b. 1983


Lucas Muñoz (b. 1983, Spain) is primarily a designer, craftsman and artist, but also an experimenter, conceptualist and researcher. His practice concerns the functionality and materiality of objects, as the artist recreates everyday objects and tools or daily life artefacts in the conceptual and contextual field of art.

Muñoz describes his practice as “fundamentally collaborative”. He emphasises simple definitions of objects and then deconstructs their materiality by altering it with industrial materials. According to the artist, his works represent interpersonal cooperation in the process of production. This process itself becomes an analogy which creates relations between materials and their purposes. Muñoz’s areas of interest include communication and the structural potential of various industrial components which he contextualizes in the area of everyday life, thus giving them a new type of significance. He rearranges materials that are traditionally viewed as scrap or were originally designed and generated for totally different purposes, i.e. to be used as home décor items. In a clever and humorous way, Muñoz challenges the generally accepted essence and use of various objects. He believes that there is no sharp edge between art and design, nor a straight line connecting them.

Lucas Muñoz is an active participant in design shows, with his works often presented in gallery expositions and included in both museum and private collections. Muñoz is currently living and working between Eindhoven and Madrid.



2015 – Residency at Plusdesign Gallery (Italy)

2012 – 2014 – Contextual Design Master at Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands)
2005 – 2006 – Exhibition Design and Management at IED Madrid (Spain)
2002 – 2005 –  Product Design at IED Madrid and Central Saint Martins London (United Kingdom)


2016 – Temporal, Machado Muñoz gallery, Madrid (Spain)

2015 – Oggetto Crudo, Plusdesign Gallery, Milan (Italy)

2015 – Industrial Monolith, Vertical Gallery, Eindhoven, (Netherlands)


2019 – The Chair as an Artwork, National Museum of Art, Riga (Latvia)

2019 – Concéntrico, Logroño (Spain)

2019 – Madrid Design Festival, Madrid (Spain)

2019 – Waste Exhibition, the Dutch Embassy, Ankara (Turkey)

2019 – Madrid Design Festival, Madrid (Spain)

2019 – Collectible Design Fair, Brussels (Belgium)

2019 – Camp Design Gallery, Milan (Italy)

2018 – London Design Festival, London (United Kingdom)

2018 – Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

2018 – Hardcore, Collectible, Brussels (Belgium)

2018 – Madrid Design Festival, Madrid (Spain)

2018 – Waste Exhibition, the Dutch Embassy, Ankara (Turkey)

2018 – Molto Molto, Fuori Salone, Madrid (Spain)

2018 – Salone del Mobile, Rossana Orlandi, Milan (Italy)

2018 – New Realities, Barcelona (Spain)

2018 – Future Classics, The Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2018 – Design After Darwin, Venice (Italy)

2018 – Design Kwartier, Hague (Netherlands)

2018 – Rossana Orlandi, Porto Cervo gallery, Sardinia (Italy)

2018 – Barcelona Design Week, Barcelona (Spain)

2018 – Waterschool, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

2017 – Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

2017 – Parra y Romero Gallery, Madrid (Spain)

2017 – Here and There, Supply Seoul, Seoul (South Korea)

2017 – ARCO Madrid International Art Fair, Madrid (Spain)

2016 – Design Miami, Miami (USA)

2016 – Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

2016 – Panemunė Design Action, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2016 – Recycling tot Kunst Verheven, Fountain Art, Huizen (Netherlands)

2016 – Salone del Mobile, Instituto Cervantes, Utrecht (Netherlands) 

2016 – Salone del Mobile, Plusdesign Gallery, Milan (Italy)

2016 – Sonido Classics, Plusdesign Gallery, Milan (Italy)

2016 – PUBLICA art festival, INew Delhi, (India)

2016 – Delhi Lung, Instituto Cervantes, New Delhi, (India)

2016 – WILD, Maison Objet, Paris, (France)

2016 – Superlandscapes, Makking & Bey, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

2015 – Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

2015 – Het Nieuwe Instituut, Tijdelijk Modemuseum, Rotterdam (Netherlands)

2015 – 3D trend installation, Modefabriek, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2015 – Clerkenwell Design Week, London (United Kingdom)

2015 – Dual Use Home/Work, Aloft Brussels Schuman, Brussels (Belgium) 

2015 – Rossana Orlandi, Milan (Italy)

2015 – Salone del Mobile, Designersblock, Milan (Italy)

2015 – Galerie Pouleuff, Naarden (Netherlands)

2015 – Milan Design Week, Milan (Italy)

2014 – Graduation show, Design Academy Eindhoven, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

2012 – ELLE Inside Design Exhibition, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2010 – Casa Pasarela, Madrid (Spain)

2007 – 300% Spanish Design, touring exhibition through South and Central America


2018 – Stimulering Fonds Award, Talent development grant (Netherlands)


Galila's collection (Belgium)

Goldwood collection (Netherlands)

Botín collection (Spain)

Autric collection (Spain)

London's Royal Science Museum collection (United Kingdom)


Art Fairs