Vytautas Viržbickas Lithuanian, b. 1987

Vytautas Viržbickas’s works function as a conceptual reflection upon mechanisms that make up our contemporary social world-model which intertwines all of the following: power of information, modern culture, military geopolitics, consumption society as well as individual loneliness. Vytautas attempts to grasp the structures of these mechanisms, to synthesize and abstract them up to the specific symbols or meanings. In V. Viržbickas’s artistic practice ‘myth’ is an ambivalent concept. The great majority of the artist’s works require viewer’s perception of artistic, historic and social contexts. However, the aesthetic force of V. Viržbickas’s artworks more often than not is being generated by him purposefully rejecting tradition and canon and is inherent to the artist’s zealous urge to introduce and experiment with contemporary sculpture in a broad social discourse of the XXI century.