Martynas Kazimierėnas (b. 1982, Lithuania) is an object designer and Artistic Director of the March Design Studio in Vilnius, Lithuania. He studied Design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts, later continuing his studies at Eindhoven’s Design Academy. Kazimierėnas is interested in the functions of objects which he uses as a starting point to design experiences for their users.

In his creative practice, Kazimierėnas focuses on functionality, materials and technology to explore the nature of shape, possibilities of altering the object creation process and the concepts of various objects. The designer draws attention to commonly used everyday objects which he then analyses to discover a function that would dictate their entire visual identity. Kazimierėnas offers an innovative way of designing objects by introducing a contemporary approach to design and technology as a way to create simplistic and fashionable design solutions for mundane objects, such as bottles, shoelaces, lamps and many more.

Martynas Kazimierėnas’s personal design projects go side by side with his roles of Founder and Senior Designer at Vilnius’s March Design Studio. Objects of his design have received many awards and were presented in design exhibitions and fairs all around the globe. The artist is currently living and working in Vilnius.


Born 1982 in Lithuania

Lives and works in Vilnius, Lithuania


2009 – Studies in Eindhoven Design Academy, Man and Leisure Department (Netherlands)

2006-2007 Design studies (MA) in Vilnius Art Academy (Lithuania)


2020 – Grassimesse 2020 International Forum and A Fair for Applied Arts and Design, GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts, Leipzig (Germany)

2020 – Maison&Objet, Paris (France)

2020 – Ambiente, Frankfurt (Germany)

2019 – Alert Objects, Vartai Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2019 – Finders & Keepers, Copenhagen (Denmark)

2019 – Blickfang, Zurich (Switzerland)

2019 – Habitare, Helsinki (Finland)

2019 – A/W, Maison&Objet, Paris (France)

2019 – S/S, Maison&Objet, Paris (France)

2019 – Ambiente, Frankfurt (Germany)

2019 – FURNITURE. INTERIOR. DESIGN, Litexpo, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2018 – Stories of things. Lithuanian design 1918-2018, National Art Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2018 – Habitare, Helsinki (Finland)

2018 – NY NOW, New York (USA)

2018 – Maison & Objet, Paris (France)

2018 – Ambiente, Frankfurt (Germany)

2018 – Formex, Stockholm, (Sweden)

2018 – Litexpo, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2018 – Good Design 2018: Exhibition of winners’ works, Lietuvos Nacionalinė Martyno Mažvydo biblioteka, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2017 – PS1, Düsseldorf (Germany)

2017 – Design Isle, Riga (Latvia)

2017 – Habitare, Helsinki (Finland)

2017 – NY NOW, New York (USA)

2017 – Playtime, New York (USA)

2017 – Maison&Objet, Paris (France)

2017 – Ambiente, Frankfurt (Germany)

2017 – State Of DESIGN, Berlin (Germany)

2017 – ICIF China, Shenzen (China)

2017 – Design Week Israel, Tel Aviv (Israel)

2016 – PS1, Düsseldorf (Germany)

2016 – A/W, Maison&Objet, Paris (France)

2016 – S/S, Maison&Objet, Paris (France)

2016 – Playtime, Paris (France)

2015 – PS1, Düsseldorf (Germany)

2015 – Tallinn Design Festival, Tallinn (Estonia)

2015 – Maison&Objet, Paris (France)

2015 – Ambiente, Frankfurt (Germany)

2014 – Blickfang, Copenhagen (Denmark)

2014 – Blickfang, Basel (Switzerland)

2014 – IPSA, Moscow (Russia)

2014 – Lithuanian Design Drops, Copenhagen (Denmark)

2014 – PSI, Duseldorf (Germany)

2014 – Maison&Objet, Paris (France)

2014 – Tendence, Frankfurt (Germany)

2013 – Blickfang, Copenhagen (Denmark)

2013 – Maison&Objet, Paris (France)

2013 – Tendence, Frankfurt (Germany)

2013 – Ambiente, Frankfurt (Germany)

2013 – ICFF, New York (USA)

2012 – Design Isle, Riga (Latvia)

2012 – Designers’ week, Tokyo, (Japan)

2012 – Design Week, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2012 – Stockholm Design Week, Stockholm (Sweden)

2011 – Tendence, Frankfurt (Germany)

2011 – ICFF, New York (USA)

2011 – Stockholm Design Week, Stockholm (Sweden)

2010 – Stockholm Design Week, Stockholm (Sweden)

2005 – International Furniture Fair, Vilnius (Lithuania)


2015 – Dutch designer’s Ineke Hans workshop “ĮRANKIAI / TOOLS”, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2009 – Seminar “Senses and Sources”, Eindhoven Design Academy, Eindhoven (Netherlands)

2006 – “Self-marketing” workshop with prof. Michael Hardt, Lithuanian graphic design association, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2004 – Workshop by Amsterdam based artists Hans Wolbers and Paul Hughes “Lava” design studio, Vilnius (Lithuania)


2019 – Alessi award for the innovation (Paperlike table cloth), HABITARE Helsinki (Finland)

2019 – “Furniture interior design 2019” prize for the innovation, (Paperlike table cloth), Vilnius (Lithuania).

2018 – Lithuanian design prize 3rd Place (Bootleg branding), Services and social design category, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2018 – Napa Blatic Packaging Design Awards 2nd Place (Bootleg branding), Artisan products category, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2017 – Diploma from Lithuanian design prize, Birdhouse BIRD BnB, Vilnius (Lithuania).

2016 – “Vilnius Book Fair 2016” best designed book of the year (“Visai nesuprantamų reiškinių stebėjimas“, Vilnius academy of arts prize, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2011 – “LOGIN 2011”, Nomination for best design, best startup (Client: CIOP CIOP, www.ciopciop.lt) Vilnius (Lithuania)

2007 – “DDB Vilnius” 1st place Lithuanian identity concept contest, 1st round (Simple green Lithuania project), Vilnius (Lithuania)

2006 – Member of Lithuanian association of graphic design.

2005 – “International Furniture Fair” award for folding table design, Vilnius (Lithuania)

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