Keren Cytter Israeli, b. 1977

Keren Cytter (b. 1977, Israel) is a visual artist and writer. She studied Visual Arts at the Anvi Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv. After receiving a scholarship from De Ateliers where she studied with Willem de Rooij and Marlene Dumas, Cytter moved to Amsterdam and is currently based there. Her versatile body of work demonstrates the use of multiple creative methods and strategies, and each piece can be described from various perspectives. 

Cytter’s works have taken a wide variety of forms, including videos, drawings, photographs, novels, plays, performances, and a libretto. Her workstyle is based on creating small cracks in the constantly changing yet paradoxically stable structures of creative practices and forms of communication. To do so, she uses techniques like double exposure, circular loops, subtitling, close-ups and fractured non-linear narratives, usually used by non-professionals. Such deviations from the norm add speculative, fantasy-like elements to Cytter’s videos, provoking the viewers to question what in everyday social encounters and contemporary art is really real. Complementing her films with constantly changing rhythms of sounds, images and situations, the artist shows intensified scenes of everyday life which create a certain impression of familiarity - an impression which, in turn, often leads to demonstratively fictitious and absurd situations. Cytter maintains the tension between the real and the artificial, at the same time investigating social, political and gender-based constructions.

Keren Cytter’s works have been exhibited at numerous galleries across the world and included in multiple permanent collections of world-famous museums. Cytter is a frequent participant in art biennials and triennials, has been awarded special prizes, published books, and is known for her long list of filmography.