Zieta Studio is a brand established in 2010 by Oskar Zięta – an architect and innovator, winner of many prestigious awards in the field of design. It is a family-run design studio with an interdisciplinary team of architects, designers and engineers. It specializes in technologically advanced collectable objects for private and public spaces.


Zieta Studio’s collections of metal seatings (PLOPPChippensteel 0.5J-Chair), mirrors (RONDOTAFLAOKO), tables (G-TableG-Console) and accessories (PINKAMMTriglav) are manufactured using the innovative FiDU technology of free deformation. In this process called “a controlled loss of control”, Zieta Studio experiments with forms and qualities of various metals. It creates objects that balance on the verge of aesthetics and function, furniture and decorative home sculptures that redefine the qualities of steel, aluminium and copper, showing the transformative potential of technology. Bespoke collections such as GradientHeat and Transitions are designed for people who value not only the artistic aspect of design but also look for objects created as a result of extensive research and experimenting.