Konstantinas Bogdanas Lithuania, b. 1961


Konstantinas Bogdanas (Jr.) (b. 1961, Vilnius) is a conceptual artist. In his practice he combines different media such as objects, installations, performance and photographs. Most important to him however is language, both its text and its context. Bogdanas questions abstract notions such as art, identity and perception as well as self-concept. This is often achieved through the act of negation, through employing the absurdity of a situation and by a demand for self-determination. The contrast between minimalist expression and depth of content is what makes his works effective. The key words in Bogdanas’ work are (non)coincidence, (in)adequacy, (un)necessity, (non)fruition, (un)usefulness, (non)understanding, (in)capability. An element of humour is present, although it always gives way to existential doubt. (based on: Monika Krikštopaitytė, Nacionalinė Dailės Galerija Art Information Centre)

  • Konstantinas Bogdanas, Nebuvimas / Absence, 2020
    Konstantinas Bogdanas
    Nebuvimas / Absence, 2020
    Diameter 96 cm x Depth 2.5 cm
    € 4,700.00
    Konstantinas Bogdanas, Nebuvimas / Absence, 2020