Adelė Pukelytė Lithuanian, b. 1995

Adelė Pukelytė (b. 1995, Lithuania) is an artist who obtained her BA at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2018, followed by an MA completed in 2020. Pukelytė also studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts (Painting Department). She held her first solo show at the Naujamiestis Art Gallery, Panevėžys District (Lithuania) in 2018, along with a joint show with another artist in Copenhagen’s Q - Exhibition Space.

Adelė Pukelytė’s paintings are characterised by clearness and asceticism, creating a meaningful space for interpretation. The artist herself claims that painting helps her to clarify the world. Her works reflect upon events, conversations and problems which she contracts to minimalistic painting solutions. The artist’s early work often features abstract elements of interiors, whereas in her current paintings, the emphasis is on abstract landscape motifs or unrecognisable fragments reduced to elementary colour spots. In her creative process, Pukelytė practices self-reflection as a way to consider broader questions of human existence. By looking at the simplicity of the environment, she discovers sublime beauty in it and unfolds it in a flattened and minimised space.

Adelė Pukelytė has held solo exhibitions in Vilnius and has been participating in group shows in Lithuania, Denmark and France since 2018.