Ieva Mediodia Lithuanian, b. 1968

Ieva Mediodia (b. 1968, Lithuania) is a painter who studied at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and was one of the students in the famous Kęstutis Zapkus course. She continued her education at the Hunter College in New York, where together with several other artists founded the SLA307 art space. Mediodia’s paintings are strongly connected to ideas of contemporary scientific hypotheses, and each piece could be described as a map of the imaginary, providing evidence of the artist’s internal reflections on memory and exterior contexts.

Ieva Mediodia is interested in the process of painting and its connection to the processes of the mind. Within this connection, Mediodia finds a transformation which itself can be described as an autonomous object of art. Her creative process starts at the emergence of random, abstract spills of paint, later advancing through various stages towards completion. Each of these stages represent individual aspects of Mediodia’s work, such as manifestations of a feminine gesture which contrast with a sharp-cut drawing style pointing to a logical preconception and a simple rule. Her paintings can be seen as drawings and vice versa. In some cases, the artist seeks to expand the limits of her paintings by turning them into installations. This synthesis with other media gives Mediodia more freedom to push the boundaries of the traditional understanding of painting.

Mediodia’s artistic practice can also be understood as research of the painterly media, experimentation with various possibilities and revelation through discovery. Abstract and figurative fragments all over the surface of the canvas and mylar, combined with thin layers of acrylic airbrush paint, ink, gel medium and urethane produce a space similar to a soundscape in music - both translucent and expressive of a dreamlike spacetime of her works.

Ieva Mediodia lives and works between New York and Lithuania. Her works have been exhibited in the US, Italy, France, Romania and Finland, among other countries. Mediodia’s works are also featured in the collections of the Lewben Art Foundation (Lithuania), MO Museum (Lithuania), Albert Benamou Gallery collection (France) and some private collections in Lithuania and abroad.