Laura Garbštienė Lithuanian, b. 1973

Laura Garbštienė (b. 1973, Lithuania) is a textile and interdisciplinary artist whose work includes video, sound art, installation, photography, and performance. She completed her MA studies in Textile Arts at the Vilnius Academy of Arts in 2000.


Starting her career in the field of textile, between 2002-2005 Garbštienė collaborated with the well-known Lithuanian artist and composer Arturas Bumšteinas (part of the artist duo G-Lab) creating video and sound installations. Since then Garbštienė has also participated in numerous art residency programmes. A characteristic feature of her creative practice is turning herself into the object of her own works: immersing herself in various situations, she becomes an integral part of them and provokes the viewer with her performance. Another important aspect of the artist’s workstyle is experimenting with language, chance, provocative naiveté, subjective emotional experiences and multicultural contexts. Garbštienė’s most recent works function within the discourse of institutional critique, which, in her case, is characterised by humour, nihilism, and a soft attitude towards staged humility. The artist has recently moved to the countryside where she is researching the essence of the process of creation and its relation to the most natural state of human living. This allows the artist to create ephemeral works of art from routine experiences, rural objects and materials. Living in a remote village has complemented her works with ecological, naturalist and even animalistic themes, offering a critical outlook on consumerism and (mis)communication in the art field.


Laura Garbštienė works and lives between the countryside and the art scene. In her conceptual and interdisciplinary works, the artist seeks to explore the traditional and rural way of life, nature conservation, local change, and global processes, combining various experiences with the flow and change of nature. The artist’s works have been presented at numerous contemporary art exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad.