Hansol Kim Korean, b. 1988

Hansol Kim is an artist born in Seoul, South Korea in 1988, and is currently based in Eindhoven. He studied craft at the University of Brighton between 2014 and 2017, and finalised his masters at Design Academy in Eindhoven in Contextual Design.


Kim’s relentless fascination is focussed on clothing, which he collects and often finds as origins for exploration in his projects. His intrigue has led him to investigate the role of clothes within societal, political and cultural issues, as well as their form, as he uses shapes, aesthetics, movements, languages and his personal fascination of clothing as a medium and trigger of his works. His key aim is to try to achieve new relationships between humans, clothing and spaces.

Projects that Kim has made explore the intersection of different object categories, as he creates literal extensions of bodies and identities. His methods result in formations that mimic material and analogue possibilities of what is commonly experienced with solely virtual reality. His approach complicates and simplifies the experience and relationship to the objects simultaneously, as the final objects resemble something that has been turned inside out, making evident the disruptive complication of the in-betweenness.
Kim sustains his work process by engaging with projects that are open-ended and unfamiliar. This allows his work methods to develop in space as something dynamic and adaptive, while he continuously reflects and questions himself and his surroundings.