Donata Minderytė Lithuanian, b. 1991

Donata Minderytė (b. 1991, Lithuania) is an artist currently living and working in Vilnius. She graduated from the Painting Department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts obtaining an MA in 2016. Using the concept of visual translation, Minderytė analyses significant changes of an image as it is transferred from one medium to another.

In her work, Donata Minderytė focuses on what is to be avoided in linguistic translation - moving away from the original, fading the initial meaning and altering the message. Minderytė uses photography or stills from daily life videos as a tool of memory. She translates these images into the medium of painting by creating a representation of visual entropy. Captured in paint, the images lose detail, intensity and contrast, thus leaving an interpretive space for translation. The finished painting is hardly an accurate representation of the moment that it was inspired by: deliberate translational error becomes a generalised substitute of a past event, but not its representation. The narrative of the past is replaced by new visual information that pops up, transforms, fades and dwindles to such a degree that it can become unrecognisable. A bleached painting style for Minderytė becomes an artistic method to speak about herself, one’s memory and the latter’s inevitability to become faded past.

Donata Minderytė has held solo exhibitions at the Vartai Gallery and Gallery Meno Niša in Vilnius and participated in multiple group shows in Lithuania, Austria and the UK. She is currently also enrolled in an Art PhD programme at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.