Viennacontemporary 2022: Representing Donata Minderytė and Dominykas Sidorovas

8 - 11 September 2022 

Galerija VARTAI at viennacontemporary - Stand: B 09
8 - 11 September 2022

Represented artists: Donata Minderytė and Dominykas Sidorovas.


Donata Minderytė (b. 1991, Lithuania) using the concept of visual translation analyses significant changes of an image as it is transferred from one medium to another. In her work, artist focuses on what is to be avoided in linguistic translation - moving away from the original, fading the initial meaning and altering the message. Minderytė uses photography or stills from daily life videos as a tool of memory. She translates these images into the medium of painting by creating a representation of visual entropy.


Dominykas Sidorovas’s (b. 1993, Lithuania) creative method balances between reality and fiction, as the artist tries to place casual or even boring objects in the field of fiction, thus enabling them to gain additional contexts and meanings. After a process of drawing and redrawing, the artist starts to investigate the effects of defamiliarization. He observes visual shifts from representation to abstraction and from one particular object to another. Sidorovas deconstructs, deforms and visually cleanses the images of the objects while exploring their essence, which allows them to function not as products of mimicry, but rather as visual symbols.


Both artists create and recreate situations of emotional as well as visual experiences based on their personal histories. Together they are presenting rich visual narratives in which traditional binaries such as figurative and abstract, spiritual and consumerist are dissolved or transformed into something else.


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Stand: B 09
Address: Kursalon Vienna

Johannesgasse 33, 1010

Vienna, Austria

Preview guests:
8 September 2022, 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

9 – 11 September 2022 11:00 am – 7:00 pm


The project is partially funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Vilnius city municipality.