Collectible, The Fair for 21st Century Design 2020: Brussels, Belgium

5 - 9 March 2020 

Presented designers Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas. 

Vartai gallery is pleased to have participated in the third edition contemporary design fair Collectible in Brussels. This was our first participation at the design fair and we are very happy to have presented the duo of wonderful Lithuanian designers: Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas.

Marija Puipaitė uses the human body as a starting point for her designs. Whether furniture or jewellery, her work always possesses an intimate, organic connection with its user. Vytautas Gečas turns domestic objects into subjects by personification. He uses complexity, fragmentation, layering, mixed references so as to play with the context and the perception of the object. By merging two different design practices they look for common points and unexpected results in object-based narratives.

Marija Puipaitė and Vytautas Gečas are Lithuanian designers based in Vilnius. Both studied BA Product design Design for their Bachelor’s degrees at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and completed their Master’s degree in Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven (2014, 2013). At the moment they are both PhD students at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.


The project was partially funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture / Lietuvos kultūros taryba.